Blog News Xiaomi wants to stop extracting app APK files on Android, but Google says no!

Xiaomi wants to stop extracting app APK files on Android, but Google says no!

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Publish: 3 months ago
Xiaomi wants to stop extracting app APK files on Android, but Google says no!

Although also using the Android platform, Xiaomi - one of the major phone manufacturers from China, wants to prevent the extraction of the application APK file. However, Google did not agree with this proposal due to the fact that Android is an "open operating system" from the launch of the first version until now.

Over the years, unpacking and sharing APK files has been a significant boon for the Android ecosystem. For example, if the recent update of an app causes major problems, users can completely remove and reinstall the lower version via the APK file instead of downloading it from the Play Store etc. .

It's convenient, but not all OEMs like it! Even a Xiaomi app developer with the nickname Mishaal Rahman shared on Twitter a proposal for the Open Source Android Project to completely prevent Android device owners from copying APK files from their devices. themselves under the pretext of "private resources".

This developer suggests that apps should only be available on the Play Store or another mainstream app store. However, Google has directly opposed this proposal, although not always for the reasons we might expect.

A Googler needs time to find a loophole in Xiaomi's proposal that they will and should only block APK files extracted on the official Android version. In that situation, Google assumes that the user can simply install a debug version of Android and proceed with unpacking the APK file as usual. In fact, the company's objection to the proposal from Xiaomi because it doesn't really defend anything!

Even another Google employee spoke up and said that the contents of the APK file can be considered secret.

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"Can an APK be considered private? I don't think the contents of an APK file should be a secret. I'm not sure why we would want that and even if we wanted to, there really isn't. How can we guarantee this?"

Overall, it doesn't seem like rGoogle is receptive to making it harder to extract APK files from the device, a good sign for the open future of the Android app ecosystem.