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Top 10 best TV control applications

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Top 10 best TV control applications

To make life more convenient for users and experience better quality movies, songs with higher volume, clearer images, TV control applications were born. Thanks to these applications, you do not have to worry too much if you accidentally lose the remote control.

To know the 10 best TV control applications today, please see the article that Apksmod shares right away.

Top 10 best TV control applications today

Video & TV SideView – Sony TV control application

The best TV control application mentioned first in this article is the Video & TV SideView application. This is one of the exclusive applications developed by Sony for its own products. When you download and install the Video & TV SideView application on your phone or tablet, you can control your Sony TV easily with actions such as touch sensors and easy input.

Features of Video & TV SideView app:

  • Equipped with voice control feature, controlling the TV will become much easier.
  • Share and guide you to watch good shows.
  • The application relies on your frequently used actions and suggests you content that you may like.

AirPlay – Apple's exclusive application

The next application is AirPlay, a proprietary application developed and published by Apple. AirPlay allows users to transfer images, videos, and audio. When using the AirPlay application, you can completely play the movies you are watching on your iPhone or iPad device directly on the TV using WiFi without connecting wires.

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Outstanding features of AirPlay:

  • On Apple TV, the application is already built-in, so users do not need to install it.
  • Directly project the screen of your iPhone or iPad device to your computer.
  • Transfer with fast speed, sound, images are kept with the same good quality as the original file.

Android TV Remote Control

Android TV Remote Control is a remote control application for Android phones. With this application you can easily find content, games or play games on your device.

Main features of Android TV Remote Control:

👉 Top 10 best TV control applications

  • Support to control Android smart TV with a few simple steps.
  • Intuitive interface, easy to use.
  • Search content by voice quickly.


The next application on the list is Miracast, a useful and useful application to connect the phone to the TV screen easily. Helping you experience your favorite movies in the highest quality on the big screen of your TV.

Features of Miracast:

Easy to use to connect your phone to the TV.
Project your phone screen on TV easily.
The sound and transmission quality is extremely good, no need to connect by cables.

MagiConnect TCL

When it comes to good TV control applications, it is impossible to ignore MagicConnect TCL. This application allows to control the TV remotely with navigation modes such as touch control, button control, and mouse control. In particular, this application is designed to use almost all smart TV brands as well as Internet TV boxes.

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Main features of MagiConnect TCL:

  • Fully integrated with all functions similar to TV remote.
  • Equipped with many other supporting features during use such as entering search data, viewing files from the phone.

Miracast for Android to TV: WiFi Display

Miracast for Android to TV: WiFi Display is a tool that helps users transfer music, video or image files to the TV screen thanks to the Internet.

Features of Miracast for Android to TV: WiFi Display:

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  • Easily transfer images and sound to the TV screen.
  • User-friendly interface, easy to use.

Screen Mirroring

Screen Mirroring is known to be one of the best tools to transfer multimedia content or convert videos, movies, music, etc. from the phone screen to TV screens or projectors to help improve picture and sound quality. better bar.

Screen Mirroring main features:

  • Support you to experience attractive game genres on the big screen.
  • Read newspapers, watch movies on the big screen more comfortably.

TCL nScreen Pro

TCL nScreen Pro is a tool developed by TCL to help users easily control TCL TVs with smartphones through this application. TCL nScreen supports TV control operations through numeric keys and touch. Not only that, TCL nScreen also supports users to transfer videos and photos from the phone to the TV.

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Main features of TCL nScreen Pro:

  • Easily control the TV without being too dependent on the remote.
  • Photos, music, videos are shared on TV more simply.

Smart View TV – Samsung TV control application

Smart View TV allows users to share photos, music and videos from their phone to the TV at lightning speed. This is one of the applications developed by Samsung to enhance the user experience. Moreover, the application also allows you to play games on TV.

Main features of Smart View TV:

  • Samsung TV can be turned on or off via mobile phone based on Bluetooth connection.
  • Easily transfer information from your phone to your TV.
  • Replace the TV remote control.

LG ThinQ – LG TV control application

LG ThinQ allows you to control your LG TV as easily as with a remote control. The application allows you to share photos and videos from your phone to your TV very easily.

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In addition, the tool is also capable of controlling some LG air conditioners, as long as the machine supports phone control function.

Main features of LG ThinQ:

  • The interface is beautifully designed and easy to use.
  • Fully equipped with channel switch buttons and volume up and down buttons.
  • Convenient to replace the remote control LG TV.


Above, has just introduced you to the top 10 best TV control applications today that should not be ignored. With these applications, controlling the TV becomes simpler without using a remote. Thank you for visiting our article.

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