Games Action Stickman Revenge: Demon Slayer

Stickman Revenge MOD APK 1.0.15 (Lots of crystals)

Stickman Revenge MOD APK 1.0.15 (Lots of crystals)
App Name Stickman Revenge: Demon Slayer
Lastest Version 1.0.15
Last Updated October 18, 2022
Publisher Bravestars Games
Requirements 6.0
Category Action
Size 196.24 MB
Google Playstore

Stickman Revenge: Demon Slayer MOD APK from publisher Bravestars Games, is an interesting mix of Roguelike and classic RPG. Are you ready with Ninja to kill demons?

Introduce about Stickman Revenge: Demon Slayer

The sequel to the globally successful Stickman Revenge series!

Stickman Ninja series is made by the famous Shadow of Death author studio on mobile. To date, the entire series has had more than 40 million downloads, a testament to the quality and depth of the Stickman Revenge: Demon Slayer.


Stickman Revenge: Demon Slayer takes you into a dark world where monsters rule everywhere. The story sounds familiar, but in this game, every little point has been added to create a new life for the plot.

Legend has it that monsters from nowhere one day appeared on earth. Their darkly ambitious goal is to control human civilization and enslave them, including the ninja clan. Unable to close their eyes to the situation, the most powerful and combative heroes of the Ninja rose against the hordes of monsters, but all failed.

The fire of hatred and determination boiling in the hearts of the deceased has given birth to a new Ninja hero, carrying within him the power of darkness and strength beyond many other Ninjas. The journey to find strength, fight monsters to avenge the dead, and save the world of Shadow Ninja begins.

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Stickman Revenge is a combination of the dramatic Roguelike genre and classic RPG. In a world full of darkness and ruins, you will be a Shadow Ninja rushing to the sky, performing dozens of moves, skillful Ninja combos to destroy tons of monsters.

Like the epic shadow fighting games you’ve come to know or play, Stickman Revenge: Demon Slayer has simple, easy-to-understand controls with emulator buttons representing each Ninja skill in the game right on the screen. And combining those buttons skillfully can help you create fast-paced combos for your stickman characters.

The combat experience in Stickman Revenge is quite heavy. Both in terms of speed require skilled manipulation and rich fighting style depending on each player. The same monster but you can choose to fight in many different ways, as long as you win and collect many new powers.

The longer you survive, the deeper you go into the long battle, and the more new Ninja powers you will unlock. And true to a typical roguelike game format, you’ll be able to choose which passive skills to use to best suit your fighting style.

The stronger the character, the more chance you have to unlock new heroes. Each level has a different appearance, equipment, and skill strength. The highest level is Ninja Supreme with many intense Ninja abilities and only going up here has a chance to kill the final boss of the game. In other words, the Ninja Supreme level is the destination that gamers need to achieve in this game.

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Your combat and skill choices can affect the plot. By choosing to fight powerful monsters, explore the rich world of Ninja skills, and unlock new paths, you will determine the future fate of your character.

And even when the story seems to be over, our Stickman Ninja still has a lot of work to do. The journey continues with Boss Raid mode encountering all Bosses. Shortly, according to the publisher’s description, there will be a PvP mode that will soon be updated, promising even more fierce battles.

Impressed graphics

Stickman Revenge: Demon Slayer brings action-packed graphics, with epic combat. Shining Ninja moves against a dark background. In addition to the flexible and skillful movement style of the stickman ninja, there are many spectacular high-speed gameplay scenes in the game.

There are not too many complicated colors or 3D shapes in Stickman Revenge: Demon Slayer. But in return for the good contrast between the background color and the moves from Stickman Ninja and the terrifying shape of the monsters, it created great excitement for players.

It’s rare to find a fighting game that offers such rich, fast-paced, and fluid animations on mobile.

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MOD APK version of Stickman Revenge: Demon Slayer

MOD feature

Unlimited Money

Download Stickman Revenge: Demon Slayer APK & MOD for Android

Shaping, context, control mechanism, combat… Everything is harmoniously fused and attractive in Stickman Revenge: Demon Slayer. Let’s download and explore this game right away!


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