Blog Game - App King of Fighters '95 released, supports both Android and iOS

King of Fighters '95 released, supports both Android and iOS

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King of Fighters '95 released, supports both Android and iOS

Over the years, SNK Corporation has continuously released classic games from the 80s-90s to mobile platforms, most of which were adapted from the previous NeoGeo system. We can mention such as the legendary Metal Slug series, Samurai Shodown, Shock Troopers, Blazing Star and most recently, King of Fighters '95 (KOF '95) - the second installment in The King of Fighters series released this year. 1995.

Basically, King of Fighters '95 will retain almost everything from the original and only be re-edited to be more suitable for playing on mobile devices, especially with improved graphics quality. In addition, the developer also added an online mode so that we can play with friends or other players around the globe.

The gameplay and rules in the game have not changed compared to The King of Fighters '94, you will choose a group of powerful warriors out of 24 characters, then defeat all other teams to win the right to confront. with dangerous bosses like Saisyu Kusanagi (the brainwashed one) or the ferocious Rugal Bernstein.

Currently, you can download King of Fighters '95 on both Android and iOS platforms for VND 89,000. However, if you want to try it out, you can install it using the APK file (for Android), the IPA file for iOS has not been released so I will update it as soon as it is available.

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