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Download the latest Google Apps (GApps) suites for Android

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Download the latest Google Apps (GApps) suites for Android

Gapps (or Google Apps) is a package of Google's mandatory services for Android smartphones. Including Play Services, Play Store, Google Play Games, etc. In addition, there are several other types of custom Gapps with integrated applications such as YouTube, Google Assistant, Chrome, Gmail, Google Calendar, Google Drive, Google Documents, Google Music, etc. Usually, when using Custom ROMs based on a certain Stock ROM, we will need to install more if the developer does not include it in the ROM and depends on each. Devices or software versions will have different service packs. Here is a summary list of some of the latest Google Apps suites for all Android devices for you to use if needed.

Open GApps

Supported Android versions: Android 4.4 KitKat to Android 11. Beta versions for Android 12 and Android 12L are also available.

Platforms supported: ARM, ARM64, x86 and x86_64.


  • Pico: This package is designed for users who want to install basic Google Apps services.
  • Nano: Basic Google Apps service pack with "Okay Google" voice commands and search with Google.
  • Micro: Minimalist plan for devices with limited storage.
  • Mini: Mobile service plan with the ability to customize apps installed from Google Apps.
  • Full: If you like the option of using Stock/AOSP apps, this package is designed for you.
  • Stock: This bundle includes all the standard Google Apps on Pixel smartphones.
  • Super: This bundle is for those who want all the Google Apps.
  • Aroma: The Aroma package is a special version of the regular "Super" package, but allows you to choose specific apps to install (or not) without manually editing the gapps-config file.
  • TVStock: This package is for Android TV devices. It includes all the standard Google apps on the Nexus Player.
  • TVMini: A smaller set of Google Apps for Android TV devices, similar to what the Mini package offers.


Android versions supported: Android 10 to Android 12. Beta versions for Android 12L are also available.

Supported Platform: ARM64

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  • Core: The minimum service pack required to run the Google Play Store.
  • Basic: Plan provides everything from Core, Carrier Services, Google Dialer (AOSP Dialer Replacement), Google Messages (AOSP Message Replacement), Google Contacts (AOSP Contacts Replacement), ) etc...
  • Omni: Everything from the basics plus Gmail (AOSP Email Replacement), Google/Pixel Setup Wizard, Google Photos (AOSP Gallery Replacement) and more
  • Stock: Everything from Omni, plus Google Voice Recorder, Google Markup, Google Sounds, Google Wallpaper and more.
  • Full: Everything from the Stock plan, plus Google Chrome (AOSP Browser Replacement), Google Assistant, Android Auto and more
  • Go: A slightly improved version of the "Core" variant.


Supported Android version: Android 10 to Android 12.

Supported Platform: ARM64


  • Basic: Includes major GApps like Google Play Services (GMS), Google Services Framework (GSF), Google Play Store, and other essentials.
  • Full: Includes all essential core apps with more useful ones like Google Dialer, Google Contacts, Google Messages etc.


Supported Android version: Android 7.1.1 to Android 12.

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Supported Platforms: ARM, ARM64


  • No variation, focus on providing the most relevant Google Services functionality.


Supported Android version: Android 10 to Android 12L.

Supported Platforms: ARM, ARM64, x86


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  • Only a single variant with no customization options. It provides everything needed to use Google system services.