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Bullet Rush! APK + MOD (Unlocked All Skins, No Ads) v1.22

Bullet Rush!  APK + MOD (Unlocked All Skins, No Ads) v1.22
App Name Bullet Rush!
Lastest Version 1.22
Last Updated October 17, 2022
Publisher VOODOO
Requirements Android 4.4
Category Action
Size 63M
Google Playstore

Please forget the default skin, because when using Bullet Rush! MOD APK (Unlocked All, No Ads), you can use any skin you want. All skins are unlocked available in the store.

Introduce about Bullet Rush!

VOODOO is no stranger to those who love mobile games. They regularly release games with innovative and unique gameplay, revolving around the owner. And Bullet Rush! is what I am and will mention in this article.


Bullet Rush! tells about the story of the battle to regain life between people and a disaster. Without knowing where it came from, the Earth is suffering destruction from ghost pills. They appear everywhere, destroying all life on the planet. While the government was trying to find a cause and solution, a spy was sent to stop the ghost pills, preventing them from growing.

In such a dangerous situation, how the spy complete the assigned task? Follow him to find the answer!


Enter the chaotic world, you become a spy guy with the task of fighting against the ghost pills. He is equipped with two automatic machine guns, you just need to touch and swipe the screen to navigate, two guns automatically shoot each time an enemy is detected.

At first glance, you will think that the gameplay of Bullet Rush! is so simple and monotonous. But that thought will not last long, as the number of enemies increases, and the path is narrowed. If your steps are not correct, the spy accidentally moves to a corner. And when the enemy touches him, he will lose his life. As you can see, life is fragile. VOODOO always knows how to create challenges in their games. You also know this, right?

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Finally, when all the ghost pills in the map have been destroyed, you need to head to the area with the H symbol to board the helicopter and go to the next location. There are many obstacles that block your bullets. Try to dodge them, while moving more skillfully to not be killed by enemies.

The ghost drug moves and works quite similar to the crowd in Crowd City. You can experience this game if you are looking for something new!

Some tips you may need

The difficulty keeps increasing after each level. Therefore, you need to develop your control skills and use some tips to overcome them.

The spy has a special ability called Firemode. During the moving process, the area of influence is constantly enlarged. And when you take your hand off the screen, Firemode will be activated and shoot sparks at the enemy.

The ability is that, but how to promote it best? This question is quite difficult, and many people are looking for suitable answers. You will have to try many ways, based on the disposition characteristics of the ghost pills and the map. The first tip is to make them come together in a single point, then use Firemode. You will kill a lot of enemies.

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The second tip, in case you can not afford to fight a large army, hide behind stone statues. Enemies tend to move straight towards you, so they will be blocked by the statue in front of you. Thanks to this you can destroy them in a “drip” way, though a bit time-consuming.

Above are some tips I have compiled when experiencing Bullet Rush!. You can find new tips when experimenting at higher levels. Please share it with everyone in the comment below this article.


Pet is one of the factors that helps you increase the win rate at each level. Visit the store, which has about 5 types, including cats, dogs, boars, bears and robots.

Looking at their appearance, perhaps you can guess that they have been very trained to fight. However, the price of each type is quite expensive, about 1500 dollars. You will have to accumulate and collect bonuses on the battlefield to buy them.

Overall, the pet system of Bullet Rush! is still under construction. Hopefully, in the future VOODOO will add more brave warriors.

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Unlock unique skins

The spy has a fairly normal default appearance. And play with him in a few hundred levels might very boring. Therefore, VOODOO has added a collection of skins so you can change the appearance of the main character.

At the moment, there are 12 skins, shaped by celebrities like Harley Quinn and Deadpool. Others have quite unique looks like cactus, black brother, or bald spy.

MOD APK version of Bullet Rush!

MOD feature

Download Bullet Rush! MOD APK for Android

Many interesting things are waiting for you in Bullet Rush!. Join the game, experience the feeling of being alone against thousands of enemies and protect the world from evil people.

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