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Backflip Madness 1.1.9 (Paid for free)

Backflip Madness 1.1.9 (Paid for free)
App Name Backflip Madness
Lastest Version 1.1.9
Last Updated October 23, 2022
Publisher Gamesoul Studio
Requirements Android 4.0.3
Category Casual
Size 5.7 MB
Google Playstore

Looking for a straightforward and relaxing casual game to enjoy on your mobile devices? Don’t have time for a background story or complex gameplay? Then you’ll certainly find Backflip Madness enjoyable thanks to its simple yet addictive gameplay.

Find yourself diving into the endless backflip challenges as you help your character overcome a variety of different levels and stages. Explore multiple diving techniques as you take on the epic backflips as you perform incredible jumps.

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Your goal in this simple and addictive sports game is to guide your character through epic cliff diving challenges. But instead of jumping forward, you’ll perform the incredible backflips in parkour styles to overcome the obstacles and land on the ground with the best score possible.

With a variety of different available stunts, accurate physics, smooth and satisfying gameplay, the game will introduce Android gamers to exciting cliff diving experiences. Feel free to train and hone your backflip skills through a variety of different levels and challenges.

Become a flip master in the game as you compete with friends and gamers across the world for the prestigious leaderboards.

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Here you’ll find all the exciting features that the game has to offer:

To start with, the game introduces Android gamers to the simple and intuitive controls which allow you to quickly get familiar with the game. In addition, with straightforward gameplay and simple mechanics, the game is suitable for gamers from all ages. Feel free to dive into the relaxing and addictive casual gameplay that Backflip Madness has to offer.

As you find yourself hooked to the endless challenges in the game, you’ll also have the chances to discover new gameplay that take you to various locations where you can perform new tricks and pick up new challenges. With three available difficulty levels, Android gamers will have their chances to enjoy the game to the fullest. Get familiar with the game play with the easy settings and crank up the difficulty for more challenging gameplay whenever you’re ready.

And to make your backflip challenges a lot more interesting and exciting, gamers in Backflip Madness are also introduced to a variety of different moves that you can perform with your characters. Feel free to take on the backflip challenges in various settings where you can execute your many new backflip moves.

Unlike other cliff diving gameplay, Backflip Madness introduces Android gamers a much more liberated and unique style of gameplay. That being said, along with plenty of exciting moves, you’ll also find the game having the awesome parkour-style acrobatics that’re completely different from the others.

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In addition, with the exciting and realistic ragdoll physics, Backflip Madness also delivers perfect diving simulations on your mobile devices. The jumps, landings, and even accidents will look extra realistic and enjoyable.

And not just diving, gamers can cause themselves some epic accident with Backflip Madness with the realistic impacts in the game.

Along with the campaign mode, gamers in Backflip Madness can also find themselves completing the exciting achievements. Feel free to take on these unique challenges whenever you are ready to unlock the special rewards that can’t be found anywhere else.

And for those who wish to put their skills and abilities on the real tests, you can join your friends and other online gamers in exciting leaderboard challenges where you’ll compete for the ultimate prizes and glories. Climb the prestigious leaderboards as you earn your bragging rights with friends.

With plenty of different backflip moves and multiple challenges, gamers are prompted to enjoy many awesome stunts and performances with their dives. And if you wish to save your memorable moments in the game so you can watch it later, it’s also possible to replay your highlights with Action Replay and save the videos whenever you want. Feel free to share them online if you want.

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And since you’re planning to do some videotaping, you might want your characters to look as cool and interesting as possible. Fortunately, with Backflip Madness, you’ll also have access to plenty of different outfits and costumes to put on your characters. Thus, it wouldn’t hurt to dress them up before putting them on the videos.

With the Google Play Service enabled, you’ll have your entire in-game progress protected using the online drive. Just connect your account to the game and you’ll never lost your process in the game ever again. Feel free to start from where you’ve left of.

The game is currently listed on the Google Play Store as a paid version. That being said, you’ll have to pay a certain amount of money to have it installed on your devices. While on the other hand, you can have the game for completely free if you were to install our Backflip Madness Mod APK. This will not only unlock the entire gameplay for you but will also get rid of the annoying ads. Thus, allowing for smooth and satisfying gameplay.

Visual and sound quality

For those who’re interested, Backflip Madness features the simple and relatable graphics which make it suitable for most Android gamers. In addition, thanks to the ragdoll physics and realistic mechanics, every jump will look and feel a lot better.

Find yourself performing incredible dives and backflip stunts with your characters as you land perfectly on the ground. Or hear some cringle crunchy sounds when you break your neck or legs trying to dive off the cliffs. Despite having simple sound effects, the game still able to delivers realistic and relatable experiences to Android gamers.

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Download Backflip Madness latest 1.1.9 Android APK

Fans of the famous Flip Diving and Vector 2 will now have another parkour cliff diving challenge that you’ll surely enjoy on your mobile devices. That being said, Backflip Madness is one of the few simple yet addictive games that you can’t always find. Not to mention that you can have it for completely free, which is quite insane.


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